Sunday, 2 June 2013

Prom Dress

Year Eleven Prom Dresses
For the Year 11 Prom, Carenza and I went to the January sales and snapped up a fabulous bargain. 

“Shall we do that again this year?”

“Nope.  I want to wait until the summery stuff is in the shops.”

“It’ll be more expensive.”

“I don’t care.  Lovely summery colours.”

And after all, it is not quite such a formal occasion – there is much more of a sense of “anything goes”.

In fact, Carenza has been so relaxed that although the prom is fast approaching, she has no dress.  And we all know that the dress is just the beginning – after that, shoes, bag, jewellery must be begged, stolen or borrowed.  Not to mention a bra that has no back or no straps or a halter neck.  Perhaps there should just be one generic bra with bits velcroed on so that you could “delete where applicable”.  An elegant solution, I think.

Carenza was going to be  strong and wait until after her exams, then scoot around to find a dress just before the prom, but seeing everybody else’s gowns posted on a Facebook group (set up for the sake of avoiding embarrassing duplication) has made her twitchy. 

Several times, I find her skimming through internet sites.  She keeps returning to a reasonably-priced yet stunning green and gold number.

“If it would set your mind at rest, just get it.”

She is paying out of her Saturday job savings so it is her decision.  She hesitates for a moment, then presses the button.

Let’s hope it looks as good when she tries it on.

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