Monday, 3 June 2013


I recently asked my oldest son, Pascoe about his financial affairs and found they were very healthy – something I hadn’t expected after three years at Uni.  One of the ways he has achieved this is by never buying anything. 

However, as I discover when we plan bringing him home, he has a mass of possessions.   Some have come from international student friends who are only at the university for a term or a year  – it doesn’t make economic sense for them to fly home their student junk.   Pascoe has an outstanding collection of woks.

The real bonanza comes at the end of year when the first years leave the halls of residence – mountains of cookware and crockery are left in the kitchens, not to mention lamps and heaters in the rooms.  Clean stuff is often rounded up by the cleaners for charity, but much equipment seems to be discarded because students can’t be bothered to wash it up.  If you’re prepared to do that, you can equip your second year house in a single morning of picking over the heaps left by the bins.

If you find this distasteful, just think:  the thing I find most distasteful is throwing out equipment in perfectly good condition just because you can’t be bothered to wash it up and pack it.  Hooray for raiding and re-using.

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