Monday, 24 June 2013


Perran had said that he would do this.  He would take the first day after the exams and sleep all the way through, punctuated only by dozing and the odd nap.  The fact that he had danced through the previous night until nearly 5am helped him to achieve the desired level of slumber.

In fact when we returned from church after midday, he was up and haunting (I use the word advisedly) the breakfast table – a couple of his friends, unable to get home, had spent the night in the spare room and he was being a good ghost, I mean host.

We had already figured out about the friends, using our usual method of counting the shoes in the porch and dividing by two.  After they had gone, he remained vertical for just long enough to help me change the spare bed, then returned wanly to the Land of Nod.

Later, when I called him for supper there was no reply – all in all, a successful day then.  Objective achieved.

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