Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Surreal Exam Tips

One more piece of exam advice from those I collected earlier – Don’t Become Surreal.

Reality has already become distorted with weeks of revision, the occasional “break-out” party that went too far, and the stress of exams.  Just don’t lose your grip altogether.

One young friend when faced with a university exam, simply blacked out.  It would be a better story if she had come round to find that her right hand had written the exam for her while she was unconscious….but unfortunately, it hadn’t.

When I was still a schoolgirl, my history-teacher father marked ‘O’ Level papers in the summer holidays and I remember him marching into the sitting room brandishing an exam script:

“Just look at this!”

A boy plainly bored to the end of endurance by parliamentary reforms had instead written the story of the Odyssey, an episode for each question.  I remember a sketch of a sharp-prowed Greek ship.  At the end, he had written, “I don’t like history, but I do like Odysseus.”

My father was clearly itching to “pass” this boy.

Kathy Hobson, however, seems creatively to have managed simultaneously to answer the exam question while pursuing her own agenda:

“French O level - French composition part was supposed to be based on a cartoon strip in the booklet showing a bald man buying a baguette. I decided to write it as - 'A day in the life of Mussolini.'


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