Friday, 21 June 2013

The Post-Exam World

There was a stark contrast this morning between the pre-exam world and the post-exam one.  Perran rolled efficiently out of bed, and carried out the old school-time routine of ablutions, breakfast, then grimly yomped off to school.  He was facing his last academic exam this morning, and one of his toughest – Further Pure Maths, 2.

When he has gone, I wake Carenza who finished a week ago and is growing accustomed to leisure: 
“Come with me – I have something to show you.  Bring your camera”

I drive her to a country park two miles from where we live, and we walk up the hill, then take a path that is not on our usual route.  It is misty with fine rain, but as we crest the hill a woolly line of indigo appears on the horizon. 

“What is that, Mum?”

As we approach, the ground dips away into a sea of deep ultramarine.  Somebody has planted a field with innumerable tightly-packed cornflowers.

They are a blazing blue expression of the post-exam world.

Perran has one more exam to go – saxophone is tomorrow.  I am sure that when he finally emerges from his bed, some time on Sunday afternoon, the fabulous cornflowers will still be in bloom.

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