Sunday, 4 August 2013


Wild Mallow by Carenza
You hear all the headlines at the moment about children being ranked, about having to learn fractions at five, about standards being "raised" through rote learning.  For children and teachers alike, school is sounding like a grim slog. 

So why do we put our kids through all this education business?  Surely the answer is to pass exams and get a better job.

But I was recently reminded of the true answer. On the London Summer School in Classics, Carenza, Beth and I worked hard in our respective classes and in each case, our Latin has noticeably improved.  Passages that looked tough at the start of the week looked manageable by the end. Our minds feel as if they had been given a work-out. And the boost to our confidence and cheerfulness is palpable.  I actually felt taller.  Education is a blessing.  

I worried that Carenza might regret spending the sultry heatwave indoors, but she said,

“No – I feel like I’ve learnt loads.

And besides, the classroom was air-conditioned.”

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