Saturday, 24 August 2013


So many young people we know have got wonderful GCSE results.   Congratulations to each one of you, including Kit, Alex, David and Cerys.

This year a tiny percentage difference means A level and GCSE candidates  can be prouder of themselves than ever. 

The tiny change I’m referring to is the small but significant decrease in the number of students getting top grades. 

Year on year, the increase in grades has been used to indicate the success of the education policies of whichever regime is in power.  But it has also made it harder to distinguish the very good pupils from the excellent, leading to the invention of the A* grade and the demands by universities for ever higher grades on the part of their applicants.

There are many changes in the education system which I deplore, but I am pleased to see an end to grade inflation.

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  1. My congratulations to all students who showed excellent results and of course to their teachers. It is always pleasant to hear about talented young people. It proves that there are some students who don`t only sit and wait till the end of the lesson they develop themselves and try to create something. They should also write good reports (you can get writers online to help with essays ) I hope that government will support such young people as they are not always from rich families. And I believe that they can change our life for better in future.