Thursday, 22 August 2013

Driving me to Distraction

Can’t believe it

And not in a good way

Lately, I have spent hours, no days, no aeons, in the car while one or other twin practised for their impending driving test.  Lately I’d let Perran off the hook while I focused in on preparing Carenza for her first test today.  We spent yesterday morning  reversing round any corner that would have us and parallel parking the hell out of other cars.  Residents of the suburban estate where we were practising hovered nervously at their windows watching over their vulnerable meganes and corsas.

Eventually we did one last three-point and left for a run out on dual carriageways to a neighbouring town and back.

Then in the afternoon, Carenza collected together her documents, and cleaned the car inside and out.  In the evening Nigel supervised a few more manoeuvres and made a mercy dash to Halfords to get a rear-view mirror for the examiner’s seat. 

This morning, the roads were beautifully quiet as the whole town seems to be on their August hols.  We practised manoeuvres and pootling around town for 45 minutes and arrived at the test in good time.    Carenza had been driving very confidently and safely and now reversed into the ideal pre-test parking bay.

In the waiting room, a genial examiner came to greet us and I handed Carenza over.

I had a good feeling about this test.

Minutes later, I was doing my errands in the nearby shopping precinct when she texted me.

“Test cancelled.”

It appears our car tax disc is three weeks out of date.

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