Thursday, 15 August 2013


Today is the big day. 

The results arrive in two parts. 

First, UCAS announced their website would open at 8am and UCAS Track would say whether or not the twins had attained a place at either of their university choices. 

At 7.30 I had calculated that it was safe to go have a shower – there would be nothing for a while yet.  As the water drummed dully on the lime-scale of the tiles, I began to make out distant whoops and shrieks. 

I nearly ran out of the bathroom but quickly decided that I wanted today to be remembered as the day the twins got their results, not the day their mother appeared nude on the landing.

The twins had been constantly refreshing their browser and had logged in the moment they were able, rather earlier than 8am. 

Perran had gotten into his first choice – Bristol and Carenza hers – Oxford. 

Gradually, news was filtering in from friends.  Many had attained their first choices.

Congratulations to each and every one of them, and the very best of luck to those looking at adjustment, clearing and priority re-marks.

It is Cara’s birthday today, so particularly gratifying that she got her first choice.

Then Perran and Carenza headed off into school to get their grades.  In the excitement, it seemed like a long time before they rang home.  They had both attained their offers on the nose.  Although there were surprises about doing better in some papers than expected and worse in others, it averaged out to be exactly what they needed.

I was particularly pleased that Carenza also did very well in her AS Latin for which I had coached her.

Well, I’d put aside today for dealing with emergencies, but it seems I didn’t need to.

Guess I can go wild and catch up with the housework.  Whoop.  Whoop.

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  1. Congratulations to Peran and Carenza (and their parents):)