Friday, 16 August 2013


Following a happy results day yesterday, both twins had scheduled a hectic evening culminating in a foam party at the local nightclub.

This left me quietly at home trying to turn out my cupboards and generally get organised for when I start my PGCE course in September, now scarily close.  In the bathroom cabinet  I discovered an elderly  pack of alka seltzer.  It contained two sachets which proclaimed themselves to be good for “head-ache with upset stomach”. 

“Out of date, or not,” I thought to myself, “These could come in handy tomorrow morning.”

Over breakfast, I asked Perran whether he’d like some of this effervescent pick-me-up.  I could see him weighing up whether it would do his head less damage to nod or to simply say “Yes”.

Carenza, on the other hand, was not here at all: she had stayed over at her friend Lauren’s, and later called to ask me to pick her up. 

“Okay, but if I come for you in the car, you’ll have to practise your manoeuvres.”

Which was how I came to be sitting in the passenger seat this morning while Carenza made three point turns in the road wearing a pair of Lauren’s pyjamas and some gold sparkly shoes.

“You don’t look as if you’ll need the alka seltzer this morning.”

“Nope.  Lauren and I didn’t stay too late because the foam smelled of wee.”

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