Monday, 5 August 2013

Back from the Family Holiday

So we’re back in the UK after what was potentially our last family holiday.  I am about half way through the European Laundry Mountain.  I can’t help registering the changes that have occurred over the years – the row of drying aqua shoes now look like a line of boats rather than the dinky little models of former years.  The swim-suits take up much more clothes line than they used to, with the possible exception of Carenza’s. 

At the duty free shop on the way home there was a rack of cuddly toys which would, in the past, have been the focus of Perran and Carenza’s pleas.  I remember once in a moment of long-haul flight weakness buying a furry kiwi.  But this year they passed them by without a second glance and moseyed straight over to the bargain spirits, calculating their needs for future parties.

On the up side, however, they didn’t whinge about each other every time we got in a car, they cooked us a couple of lovely dinners and washed up.  And when this lot of washing comes out of the machine, they will be the ones to hang it up!

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