Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fruit Friends and Vegetapals

 Today must qualify as one of the tensest of the year so far.   The A2 results are out tomorrow.

We’ve checked the letter from school as to times and procedures.  Perran and Carenza know who they have to ring in case they have to plead their case. 

That just leaves twelve hours for thumb twiddling. 

Actually, by lunch time I had already done three things guaranteed to cause friction –

1)      Taken Perran out practice-driving.

2)      Taken Carenza out practice-driving.

3)      Gone shoe-shopping with Carenza.

Oddly, we didn’t have any rows.  What is the matter with my children?  Are they so completely cowed at the prospect of results tomorrow that they can’t even muster a little tetchiness?

Perran and his friend Sarah (also awaiting results) found a therapeutic way to ease tension
this afternoon. 

They huddled over the kitchen table with marker pens, glitter and glue and made-over mangoes, adapted avocados, beautified bananas and rearranged oranges.

When they had finished their Fruit Friends, however, I thought some of them looked a little wistful. 

“Oh dear – I hope they’re not fretting over their results too?”

“No, Mum, they’re worried about being eaten.”

Puts everything into perspective really.


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