Monday, 19 August 2013


So now Perran and Carenza have their results, everybody is sorted right?  Well, no, actually.

Whereas Perran and Carenza now have firm offers on UCAS track, mine remains conditional.  Which of the half dozen conditions that were originally stipulated have I not fulfilled?

I check off -  

Teaching Skills Literacy

Teaching Skills Numeracy

Attendance at Summer School in Classics

Health Forms

Enhanced CRB check.

It’s no good – I’m sure I’ve submitted all those documents.  I contact the course administrator to enquire.  Eventually  I discover that what is amiss is a health form which had to be signed off by my GP and sent by him to the university occupational health dept. 

My GP claimed to have sent it off back in February, but occupational health claim never to have received it.

I choose to side-step the question of who is to blame and focus on getting it sorted.  After a number of phone-calls, a copy of the original form is faxed over,  but when I email the administrator and tell him that this has now gone through I immediately receive an “on vacation” response. 

Looks like I’ll have to go on being conditional for a while then.

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