Friday, 30 August 2013

In-Car Aggro

I would not have chosen to be the one to teach my children to drive, but Nigel has a better alibi, with a full-time job a long commute away.  

“But nurturing learner drivers is in conflict with my anger management technique,” I plead.

In general, that technique consists of a quick shout.  In fact I’m not sure that you could call it anger management.  Maybe just anger.  Nevertheless, I don’t have the necessary commitment or stamina for sulking, so it’s what I do. 

However, it’s not good news to get red and furious when trying to work out a route back to the roundabout which we just left at the wrong exit, not profitable to shout accusations as I attempt to prevent us from taking the slip road onto the motorway.

After weeks of driving practice, finally I think I am beginning to grow up and master my wrath.

Then yesterday, I managed to get into a contretemps with one of the twins.  After a near miss in the town centre, they were clearly expecting recriminations and I failed to deliver.

“I’m not going to argue with you now – we’ll do a post mortem later.”

“But how am I to learn if you don’t tell me?”

“We’re both a bit stressed just now.”

“But I didn’t do anything wrong did I?”


Equilibrium restored, we were able to move on in peace.


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