Monday, 26 August 2013

Kitchen Sink

"Where are we going to put this, Pascoe?"  "I have no idea, Ian."
A couple of times recently, we have bundled everybody into the car for a camping trip, or even a two week holiday touring Croatia, and still been able to see out of the back window.    

It kinda feels like we’re getting away with something. 

It used to be horrendous, trying to pack for every eventuality for three small children, even for just a weekend. 

A low point was setting off for home from the Lake District when the children were still tiny.  We were at a T junction on a steep hill when the hatch at the back of the car sprang open and a bucket of Duplo cascaded down the slope.  Other parents who were passing by, clearly aware of just how expensive that stuff is, came and helped us retrieve most of it.

It didn’t get better even when the kids hit their teenage years. 

There was a period of Clothing Indecision. 

“My goodness me – do you really need five pairs of shoes when we’re only going for three days?”

There has also been Bringing Friends.

On the whole, okay, except for that one time when they’d been to an alcohol-centred party the night before and two of them were sick in the car before we reached our destination.

Still, I’m looking forward to a properly crammed car when we ferry them off to Uni – much more like the good old days. 

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