Tuesday, 20 August 2013

One Direction Day

One Direction Day

Here I am in Leicester Square.  It got a bit cold and drafty last night in spite of my sleeping bag.  One Direction’s fabulous film “This is Us” is premiering tonight and I ‘m here with thousands of other fans to get a front-row view of the guys as they walk the red carpet. 

Carenza was the one who got me fascinated by this charming boy band. They’re all so down to earth and success hasn’t spoiled them at all.  I had hoped she would come with me last night as a nice girly thing to do, but apparently she and Sasoon had something else in their diary.

My friends were a bit dubious about me doing this but I really think it’s worthwhile to have spent the night here because the first two hundred of us should get to actually speak to them, hopefully get their autographs.  I’m number 205 so fingers crossed. 

The other girls are fantastic, even if a tad younger than me.  I’m next to Emma and Sarah – bright pink sleeping bags if you see us on telly, and they just managed to start the whole huge  crowd singing “You don’t know you’re beautiful”.  So great to be in a place where everybody else knows the lyrics too.

Will keep you updated during the day, including photos when I get the technology working.


I’d meant to blog more often today but it hasn’t been easy getting a connection.  However, it’s been a brilliant day.  We’re all really hyped about the guys coming along this evening.  I’ve managed to edge a bit closer to the front, so I should definitely get an autograph, and maybe one of those special dazzling smiles from Harry.

Some of the girls here were giving me odd looks because I’m a bit older than them, but then Sarah and Emma who are next to me helped me out by spreading a rumour that I’m Zayn’s old dinner-lady from his schooldays wanting to say “Hello” again now he’s famous.

The others wanted to know whether he’d ever said anything to me, so I had to improvise.

“Yes, er, he once said ‘I don’t like sprouts’.”

Hope to update later.  If any of my readers happens to be passing Leicester Square, I’d murder for an Americano.


Oh my goodness.  One Direction is scheduled to arrive in just half an hour. 
Only trouble is, unlike the other youngsters here, I’m not sure my bladder is up to the wait.  I thought I’d make it, but now the excitement is ramping up. 
It’s no good, I’m going to have to use one of those weird public loo pods.  But there’s quite a queue.

Still, needs must.  Emma and Sarah have promised to keep my place and between them, they can stop the breeze from blowing away my 6 foot high banner of Liam’s face. 

But don’t worry - I’ll be back in time to blog the amazing magical moment when the guys arrive.
How could that have happened to me? 
How could I have been SO unlucky?
I knew I was cutting it fine, but I just couldn’t hold on any longer – I had got to the front of the loo queue and I had no choice but to use it.
It was when I’d just taken my seat that the cheering started in Leicester Square.
I could hear their gorgeous names being shouted outside.  The crowd was going wild.  The atmosphere was electric, even inside the loo. 
I was pulling on the door with all my might, but I couldn’t get out of the cubicle. 
I seemed to be rattling away at it with the cheering going on outside for ever.
Finally, I shoved with every last ounce of my strength and burst out onto the pavement.
I could see the red carpet, but no One Direction, and my first thought was that I’d missed them completely, but then I spotted them disappearing into the cinema.  At least I’d seen their backs. 
Then just at the door, Louis turned back for one last wave.
Our eyes met.
My magical moment.
Only thing was, the look he gave me was somewhere between puzzled and disappointed.
That was when I realised my jeans were still round my ankles.

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