Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Scottish Results

Nearly at the summit now.
Yesterday, a parents’ newsletter from UCAS dropped into my electronic mailbox and I couldn’t feel better supported through the process of my children receiving results.  Which is just as well, because the news that today is results day for Scottish Highers students makes my stomach churn with anticipation for our own English results next Thursday.

For the two results days, UCAS is changing their home page (http://www.ucas.com/ ) so that those needing quick answers have the options before them immediately.

·         After getting your results

·         Clearing

As a parent, the main bits of information that I noted were that from 8am on results day, the news about whether or not a student has been accepted by their chosen university will be going up on UCAS Track (although the decisions continue to go up throughout the day so not everybody will know early).  Therefore, before results day, I shall ask Perran and Carenza to rehearse logging on to Track to make sure they still have ID and password to hand.

Also, information about which courses will be available through Clearing will start to go up on the UCAS website from the midnight before, so if a student has a strong suspicion this might apply to them, they can begin to assess their options early.

In the mean time, there is a carrier bag of duty free spirits in a corner of our kitchen, but nobody quite feels like arranging a party yet!