Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sponge pudding

Dan, Pascoe and Abu with logs
It is certainly useful to have young chaps around: yesterday, Pascoe and Dan spent many hours splitting logs for our winter fire while Abu delivered a helpful commentary from the comfort of a deck chair. 

This log-splitting can only be seen as altruism as most of the wood will be burnt while the lads are away pursuing their studies.  Although already I am looking forward to them being home for Christmas and they’ll enjoy  a roaring fire then.

Every so often, I peered out of the window apprehensively – you know the old saying:

“Firewood warms you three times – once when you burn it in the hearth, once when you chop it up, and once when you sit in an overheated casualty department following a nasty accident with an axe.”

(“Is that why it’s called an axident?” I pondered.)
I peered out of the window.
"Be careful," Pascoe mentioned to Dan, "There's a tiny chance the head will fly off this axe."
"In that case, perhaps you'd like to stop chopping for a moment while I walk past you."

Anyway, by dinner time all was still well and the first aid box remained untouched in the bathroom cabinet.  Abu went home but  Sasoon had joined us and Dan and Pascoe were ravenous.  Perran who had conserved his energy, basking in a patch of sunshine during the day, now came to the fore and quickly whipped up a real man’s pudding which was deeply welcomed.

I promised my houseful of current/prospective students that I would put the recipe on the blog, so here it is:

Sponge Pudding – Microwave

(Recipe from my friend, Julie Billington)

2 tablespoons of jam or golden syrup

4oz (100g) soft Margarine

4oz (100g) caster sugar (ordinary sugar will do)

4oz self-raising flour

½ teaspoon baking powder

2 tablespoons water


Grease basin

Put jam in bottom of basin

Beat or whisk all other ingredients together for 1 minute

Pour into basin

Cook on microwave Hi for 4.5 – 6 minutes (uncovered).

Serve with custard


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